Dreaming In the Dark


DOWH-Dreaming in the Dark Series

6 Saturdays,  January 23 – February 27, '10   2-4pm

Full Series or Drop-in

with Caro Cloutier (Drop-Ins welcome)
Dovercourt House, 805 Dovercourt Rd., 3rd floor, Toronto  $135/$25 per drop-in 

Dear Dreaming and Dancing Women,

Want to try a new way of exploring dreaming through the body, mind & soul?

Come experience free-style dance, relaxation, guided journeying and art-making to access more of your soul's desire and destiny.

Caro provides a rich offering for dreamwork. In opening circle we share a dream image, or dream we'd like to realize in our lives - for the definition of dreams encompasses night dreams, as well as daydreams, guided meditations that aid our wishes, and dream incubation for answers to our questions. From this moment of sharing, of communal contact, she takes us through a relaxation sequence, a warm-up, followed by dance, sometimes with our eyes closed as we enter our dreams, sometimes with our eyes open as we realize them. We dance with each other; we affirm each other. After another guided visualization into our own underwater cave with dolphins, we write or draw in our journals. Our creativity overflowing. Then we dance, combining the rich experience of the workshop in our movement. Coming to closing circle we each offer a simple movement, image or just a word to the group. In the tea shop afterwards we talk about everything. Caro's Dreaming In the Dark sessions are nurturing, fun, warm, depth-full.
Brenda Clews

Come and dive into the world of dreaming through the DOWH practice of relaxation, movement and guided imagery, plus expressive and visual art-making.

In this way you will witness and experience the unfolding of your own magic through the journey of relaxation, the gathering of intuitive and symbolic gifts, the embodying of wisdom through fluid movement and dance, the harvesting of your treasures through art and journaling.

With music and dance, pen and paper, drawings and journeys, you will explore the many facets of dreaming while safely and sacredly nourishing yourself to joy, laughter and clarity.

The 6 week series will explore 1 stage each week.
Enjoy the full 6 week process or dip your toe in drop-in style.

We will explore in  Dreaming In the Dark what the indigenous people call :

The Sacred Night Dream; Creating  and Magic
The Day Dream; Healing Time and Mystery- and Accepting the Place of Not Knowing
The Living Dream; Destiny and Fulfillment.

No previous dance or art-making experience needed.

Attend the full series (preferred choice) and get the benefits of a weekly practice at a discounted price. Pre-paid registration is required for discounted price. No refunds or exchanges.

Or, DROP-IN as often as you can (ideal for women who can't commit to the full series). No pre-registration is required for drop-ins, however, contacting Caro is advisable.

After each session we will continue the DOWH practice by moving to a nearby coffee shop to process and share our experiences for a short while. Come when you can.

Whether you are a beginner, or have previous experience, you are welcome! Bring a mat, a journal and water bottle.

Pre-registration required. To find out more or to register, contact Caro at caro@carocloutier.com or 416-554-0939.

Read more about Caro./bio.html.

Register at http://www.danceourwayhome.com/offerings/dreaming-in-the-dark/register

For more info, contact Caro at caro@carocloutier.com or 416-554-0939.

Come to the FREE intro for a taste of this series on Saturday January 16/10 2-4pm. 5 spots left.  For more info: /past-dreamings.html

Limited spots.
Email to reserve your spot NOW.
Payment plans available.
Cancellation policy- No refunds. Exchanges when possible.